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TividTV Partner Ad Placement

Take-Over Title Feature

Receive instant exposure with the Take-Over Title Feature. Be the exclusive top banner Title to take over viewers screen upon logging onto the Tivid TV’s Self-Distribution Platform. Marketing has never been so assessible!

Tivid.TV Featured List

Make your Title’s presence known by being the first suggested titles featured on the platform.  Features create awareness without browsing through the entire platform catalog.

Custom Premiere Date

Have a date in mind that you’d like to roll the red carpet out for? Ask us about customizing your own Premiere Date! We’ll enhance your experience every step of the way by designing a Feature website, Ad Network Placement in your targeted audience areas and more!

Your Movie Your Money

This is the future of movie rental. Contact us for more Ad Placement options on the Tivid TV platform. Our experienced staff is dedicated to assist you to the Self-Distribution results you aim to reach.

Your Movie Your Money

The future of Self-Distribution starts right here, right now.


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