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*Please note, outside of the commission based option, Tivid TV is a 100% royalty free platform excluding merchant transactions fee via secure PayPal processing. Any other fees associated would be dependent on the other third party streaming applications individual discretion (i.e. Roku App, FireTV app). Upon signing up, the platform will take secured credit card information; it will not charge until after the free trial has ended. After your free trial you will automatically move into your established Tivid TV Partner contract. Please email us at 7-days prior to the end of your trial for cancellation.

Should you wish to cancel the Trial, you will receive all accumulated Royalties within the given payout time-frame.

Commission option


/ per title

Episodic or Feature

Ideal for users who do not have an established following yet!

episodic titles


/month per title

*Running time <45 minutes or less

Ideal for users who have a reoccurring following!

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Feature titles


/month per title

*Running time 46< minutes or more

Ideal for users who have a reoccurring following!

Your Movie Your Money

The future of Self-Distribution starts right here, right now.


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